Some hotels are named after the owner, other hotels after the location and some opt for a different approach. We named our boutique hotel after the famous poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge who used to live in the very same street, Old Bakery Street. Coleridge visited Malta in May 1804, and remained on the island for 16 months. But more about Samuel Taylor later…

Last week we were thrilled to host a direct descendant of Samuel Taylor Coleridge himself, Mr Sam Coleridge. Samuel Taylor’s great great nephew travelled to Malta from the United Kingdom, with a very exciting agenda; his goal was to retrace the steps of his forefather, visiting all the places he lived and worked, and meeting people who somehow had a link to his great great uncle.

Sam Coleridge

Samuel Coleridge arrived in Valletta on a merchant ship called Speedwell. The street of our Boutique Hotel was the first street he stepped foot in and it was also where he lived; so needless to say that Sam was thrilled to learn about The Coleridge hotel, also situated in that very same street. His forefather on the other hand spent his first few months in the Case de St Foix, where his friend Dr John Stoddart lived. It was in fact Dr Stoddart himself who persuaded Samuel Taylor into coming to Malta.

Coleridge was appointed as acting Public Secretary of Malta by the British governor of Malta, Sir Alexander Ball. In July 1804 he was posted at San Anton Palace. Originally built in the early seventeenth century as a country villa for Grandmaster Antoine de Paule, the palace and its surrounding imposing gardens, has been the official residence of the President since the office was created in 1974.

During his tenure Coleridge also worked at the Casino Maltese, in Valletta. Established as a prestigious social club since 1852, the premises it occupies were originally built by the Knights of St John in the seventeenth century and used as the accounting branch of their Treasury.

It was a pleasure meeting Sam and learning more about his forefather. We are so glad he chose to stay with us at The Coleridge, and we look forward to welcoming him again!

To know more about Samuel Taylor Coleridge and his experience of Malta, we cannot rely on Tripadvisor!  Instead we have to dive into his letters to his family and friends.

“I am tranquil and resigned, and, even if I should not bring back health, I shall at least bring back experience, and suffer with patience and in silence.”

And experiences he had… but more about this in the upcoming blog posts…