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Christmas in Malta


Christmas in Malta - Between traditions and festivities What does it look like Christmas in Malta ? Just because it is 15 degrees outside and there is no snow does not mean that [...]

Christmas in Malta2019-12-17T15:58:20+01:00

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August 2018

The Coleridge featured in National Geographic Traveller


The Coleridge is proud to be featured in National Geographic Traveller — The European Cities Collection. This well-recognised, annual bookazine highlights bucket-list destinations and top travel experiences across Europe. The Collection also includes an [...]

The Coleridge featured in National Geographic Traveller2019-11-12T17:15:37+01:00

May 2018

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Meet Mr Sam Coleridge


Some hotels are named after the owner, other hotels after the location and some opt for a different approach. We named our boutique hotel after the famous poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge who used to [...]

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February 2018

Behind Closed Doors


Doors play an important role in our day to day life, offering significant advantages to our safety and to the legibility of spaces, and frequently adding aesthetic value to buildings. Yet, although we use [...]

Behind Closed Doors2018-02-16T15:37:53+01:00
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