Doors play an important role in our day to day life, offering significant advantages to our safety and to the legibility of spaces, and frequently adding aesthetic value to buildings.

Yet, although we use them every day, most people do not give much thought to doors.

Like all other original elements at The Coleridge, our doors too, underwent a careful rehabilitation process to be returned to their former glory. Each original door was found in the 17th century townhouse, stripped down to bare wood, restored and brought back to its original state.

old restored door at The Coleridge boutique hotel, Valletta

Of course, modern features, comfort and security are also essential in this Old Bakery Street boutique hotel, so the doors were also modified to integrate a modern electronic lock system. The standard stainless-steel finish however, would not have cut the mark when it came to the high design standards of The Coleridge, so brass alternatives were sourced, in keeping with the original style and to match the brass peepholes and escutcheons that were also tracked down from overseas.

The only features on the property that are uniform, [everything else is unique and one-off] the doors required the work of several craftsmen, who restored and finished them with utmost care. Two painters were needed for the final touch as this also required the services of an artist for the detail.

So next time you shut that door behind you, look back and give this piece of history and workmanship an acknowledging and appreciative second look!